Repair or Replace: Will Robots Decide? Glass Industry has Its Own Solution

Neural Claim System “NCS” is excited to announce the release of our AI based glass damage verification platform. Our AI platform is designed to revolutionize the glass claims process by seamlessly automating damage analysis, part selection and calibration requirements at the first notice of loss. The NCS Platform focuses on a digital process which speeds up repair or replace decisions, minimizing costly errors and allowing the user to complete at their convenience.  The NCS platform will reduce frequency and severity while reducing cycle times to minutes.

The NCS platform is both US and International Patent Pending. The global leading technology is a AI/Machine Learning platform which classifies glass damage. The NCS platform allows the user to submit a series of photos through the application which then categorizes the glass damage and determines what type of work needs to be performed. After dispositioning the damage, the NCS platform can select the proper parts needed and indicate if ADAS calibration is required. In the U.S., dispositioning “repair or replace” of the damage is performed based on ROLAGS standards. In Q1 of 2022 glass providers will be able to use the NCS platform for repair or replace decisions and accurate part selection.  This will help the glass shops bottom line and improve customer service by knowing repair or replace decisions ahead of time and being sure that the glass technician has the proper piece of glass.

The Neural Claim System App was launched with many of the United States top insurance carriers in the in Q1 of 2021.  Full release of will occur with all NCS clients in June or July 2021.  With the completion of the US Market rollout our efforts will shift to expansion in the Canadian markets in early 2022. NCS’S planned growth and proven success will allow us to focus on markets outside of North America.

In the US market the percentage of replacements requiring recalibration is 20-25%, with the growing trend of glass features and federal mandates the percentage will rise quickly. In the past a glass replacement claim was estimated at $508, with the added recalibration cost the replacement cost can easily double.

With the rising cost of glass and calibrations it has never been more important to repair glass where possible. There are other challenges with unwarranted replacement of auto glass, which includes safety concerns around windshields incorrectly installed and calibrations not being performed or being done inaccurately. The environmental impact of the disposal of windshields is also a big concern that affects us all.

Neural Claim System is a sister company to Auto Glass Inspection Services, Inc “AGIS”.  AGIS has completed inspections in the US for 11 years, servicing a majority of top ten insurance carriers and multiple regional carriers.  AGIS has taken 11 years of data and processes in creating the Neural Claim System.  NCS is owned by Jim Larson, a seasoned executive with 28 years of auto physical damage experience.


The Neural Claim System was built in coordination with Neutron Technologies, a Phoenix AZ based AI Technology company and Deepomatic a US and France based AI technology company.

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