The Road to Recovery: Infrastructure Act to Rebuild U.S. Roadways

America’s roads are about to get an upgrade.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 2021 that became law late last year will create a road construction activity in all 50 states.

AGRR reported in its May/June issue of 2021 that the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Report on America’s Infrastructure found America’s roads were out of the “D” range for the first time in 20 years– an 18% increase in the number of bad roads since 2000. The poor condition and mediocrity of our roadways accounted for an annual $130 billion in extra repairs and operating costs for Americans.

Of the $1.2 trillion allocated in the bill to rebuild the nation’s aging infrastructure, $550 billion is earmarked for highways, roads, bridges, electric vehicles and local safety programs. Specifically, $110 billion is set for upgrading the nation’s highways, roads and bridges, such as the 402 miles of bad roads in Washington, D.C., which ASCE says accounts for $1,100 in increased repair costs. Texas and California have the most miles of bad roads with 19,400 and 14,200, respectively. In Texas, motorists pay $709 in additional repair costs, and Californians pay an increased repair cost of $799. Wyoming has the honor of the lowest mileage of bad roads at 380, and additional repair costs of $295.

Of the $5 billion allocated for The Safe Streets for All program in all states, funding which will reduce auto crashes and fatalities, $1.1 million will fund programming to improve driver behavior and safety.

Electric vehicle owners will see $7.5 billion go toward funding for charging infrastructure across the nation.

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