No Buyer’s Remorse Here: Research Reveals the Best States to Own a Car

A study by Dolman Law analyzed multiple factors regarding car ownership and determined that Montana is where car ownership is at. Alaska is the second best state to own a car, followed by Oregon.

Factors considered in the study were cost of insurance, car sales tax, vehicle inspection law, cost of fuel and percentage of acceptable roads in the state.

Data analysis from Dolman Law revealed that, with a 0% car sales tax, the highest speed limits in the country of 80 mph, lenient vehicle inspection laws, and 88% of roads considered acceptable to drive on according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Montana is the best state to own a car.

Alaska, which comes in second, also has a 0% tax on sales and lenient vehicle inspection laws. However, Alaska “falls behind Montana” for its much lower speed limit of 65 mph and fuel prices of nearly 30 cents more per gallon than in Montana.

In third place, Oregon also has no sales tax on cars and a high percentage of roads considered acceptable to drive on at nearly 90%. Oregon’s vehicle inspection laws are slightly stricter than Montana and Alaska, gas is more expensive at $3.90 per gallon, and Oregon’s average insurance costs are higher at $1,264 per year.

In New Hampshire, number four in Dolman Law’s study, vehicle owners do not pay a car sales tax, annual insurance costs average $1,101 and gas is cheaper $3.269 per gallon. What penalizes the state when it comes to car ownership are very strict vehicle inspection laws. New Hampshire car owners must have their cars inspected every year.

Iowa ranks fifth with some of the cheapest fuel prices in the country at $3.053 per gallon, inexpensive auto insurance of $1,015 per year, and 92% of roads considered acceptable to drive on. Iowa also has lenient vehicle inspection laws.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii is the worst state to own a car with the highest fuel costs in the country at $4.338 per gallon and the lowest speed limit in the U.S. with 60 mph. Hawaii has the a very low percentage of acceptable roads with 57% being safe to drive on.

The second worst state is Rhode Island for its 49.7% acceptable roads, the lowest in the country. The state has high annual insurance costs of $1,688 and a high sales tax rate of 7% on vehicles.

The study states that average annual cost for insurance in the U.S. is $1,347.86, a car sales tax of 5% and average cost of fuel is $3.302 per gallon. In the U.S. an average of 80.5% of roads are acceptable to drive on and the average speed limit is 70 mph.

Dolman Law is a personal injury law firm in Florida. View a chart of the study’s information: 10 Best States to Own a Car.

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