The Cost of Calibration, Part 5: South Gulf’s series discussing the cost of calibration in different U.S. regions concludes this week with the South Gulf area, which includes Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas.

Thirty year-old Venable Glass Services operates locations in Brandon and Ridgeland, Miss. Michelle Renfro has been a customer service representative there for more than six years. “I haven’t had that issue,” she says of auto insurance companies reimbursing Venable for calibration services.

Renfro says she must obtain pre-approval from the auto insurance for calibration services, and must submit pre-scans and post-scans for all insurance claims. She attributes this to always submitting the proper paperwork. “I’ve never seen them deny a calibration [cost].”

Dothan Glass Co. has provided auto glass services in Dothan, Ala., since 1931, and began providing calibration services this year. “We have not run into any of that,” Brenda Enfinger, Dothan’s auto glass manager, says of issues with auto insurance reimbursement for calibration services.

The only challenge Dothan faces with calibration, she says, is with a third-party administrator. Even after Dothan submits the proper paperwork, the company waits to get paid. Otherwise, the company finds that its calibration services are properly reimbursed by auto insurance companies. “The insurance will tell us what they’ll pay,” Enfinger says.

A Precision Auto Glass Inc. is owned by Mark Jones Jr. and Joanne Mendelson, with locations in Daphne and Mobile, Ala. In business since 1993 and providing calibration services for three years, Mendelson says of calibration: “It’s here to stay.” The company makes sure to get pre-approval from auto insurance companies to perform calibrations, and must provide pre-scans and post-scans. “I haven’t heard anything negative regarding reimbursements,” Mendelson says.

Mendelson says the company sets a price for calibration for each vehicle model. “Sometimes, it varies of course depending on what insurance company, but we don’t have any major issues [getting reimbursed],” she says. “It’s all about the customers. You got to put them first.”

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