XYG North America Assesses Market Conditions, Excitement about Auto Glass Week and More

In a market challenged by price increases, inflation and labor shortages, representatives at XYG North America discussed their future strategies and goals with glassBYTEs.com/AGRR magazine.

“Everyone knows inflation is hitting its highest point,” says Brilli Huen, XYG North America marketing manager. “Used car prices increased 40-50 percent, for one. We considered a price increase earlier this year, but we are holding off and absorbing all the added costs so we don’t impact our customers.”

As a Platinum Plus sponsor XYG North America will showcase four new windshield parts, two for the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Pricing isn’t the only market condition affecting the company. XYG North America has greatly expanded its network of trucking partners to keep up on delivery service. Huen cites some horrifying metrics. She says pre-COVID, the cost to ship a container was $4,000. That same container would ship today for $14,000-$15,000. Containers are now dropped at seaports such as Long Beach and New York, where the product is driven to customers by truck.

“As a manufacturer, we have a great opportunity for truckers, as we have no warehouses in the states,” says Huen. She adds that while the younger generation may not be interested in joining the glass industry, they are also un-enamored with transportation and logistics. “We have to find a way to attract younger people to these fields,” she says.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons the company has signed to serve as the Keynote Sponsor for Mike Rowe, who is the keynote speaker at Auto Glass Week. “He attracts interest from all generations due to his shows,” says Huen.

Huen and the XYG North America staff are genuinely excited about meeting with their customers face-to-face. Due to COVID restrictions, XYG North America participated in the 2021 event virtually instead of in-person. Huen says she can’t wait to talk to people live in September.

As a Platinum Plus sponsor XYG North America will showcase four new windshield parts, two for the electric vehicle (EV) market.

“With gas prices going up, it’s a great time for consumers to look into electric cars,” says Huen. “We want to help our customers be ready for the cars they will be working on in the future.”

For more information on Auto Glass Week, visit autoglassweek.com

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