Could UK See Automatic Emergency Braking Requirements?

As of Wednesday, July 6, all new cars in the European Union (EU) will include automatic emergency braking (AEB). Tim Camm, Autoglass technical training manager, says it’s only a matter of time before the United Kingdom (UK) takes similar action.

In a news release, Camm called the development a “pivotal milestone in the roll-out of car safety technology.” He adds that the incorporation of automatic emergency braking brings the industry one step closer to an “autonomous future.”

“It is only a matter of time before the UK follows suit and makes more of these advanced safety features compulsory in UK cars, and so it is essential that drivers and the industry alike prepare for these changes regarding how drivers control their vehicles while on the road,” Camm says.

Camm adds that the technology, which incorporates GPS, sensors and cameras, will save the lives of motorists, passengers and pedestrians by alerting drivers and stopping the vehicle when necessary.

“AEB and other safety technology such as lane departure warnings have already become more common on UK roads in recent years despite them not being compulsory, so it is essential drivers are educated on how to use and maintain this safety technology,” he says. “The front-facing camera is attached to the windscreen and must be correctly recalibrated after any windscreen work to ensure they are working correctly.”

And that recalibration must be performed by properly-trained technicians, Camm says. Otherwise, sensors may not scan the road correctly, potentially placing drivers in dangerous situations.

“Safety technology is constantly evolving,” he continues. “When seatbelts were first introduced, they were only mandatory for the driver, but over time we grew to recognize that the passenger seats were even more vulnerable and soon the regulations changed to reflect this. Today, we have innovative safety solutions like AEB and we’ll soon see other innovations like fatigue warning systems become the norm.”

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