Trust, Respect on the Rise for Individual Repair Shops, Technicians

A recent survey of approximately 1,500 vehicle owners in the U.S. finds that there’s a new level of trust between motorists and the individual repair shops and technicians, manufacturers and dealerships with whom they do business. For Auto Glass Repair and Replacement shops capitalizing on ADAS calibration, the good news is motorists are increasingly placing their trust in businesses that successfully educate customers on what’s being done to their vehicles.

The survey, conducted by b4 Branding on behalf of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), found that more than 70% of respondents indicate increased levels of trust in shops, technicians, manufacturers and dealerships.

“Trust is something that is earned over time through a series of positive experiences with service providers. From the results of our survey, we are seeing that automotive service professionals across the country are doing an excellent job earning trust and keeping it with their customers,” says Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO.

For 48% of respondents, getting great value for their money was the most important consideration in selecting a repair facility or technician. A knowledgeable and friendly staff was vitally important for 46% of respondents, while 43% noted the importance of convenient locations.

“Staff knowledge was further correlated with the service provider’s ability to communicate thoroughly, industry certification of automotive technicians employed by the service provider and/or third-party recommendations from family/friends,” the survey found.

Many in the AGRR industry already realize that the prevalence of ADAS technology in vehicles requires a new focus on education. That’s true not only of technicians but consumers as well. Jacques Navant of Don’s Mobile Glass and frogitout in California likens the prioritization of educating staff and customers to an experience with which everyone should be familiar.

Navant likens education and associated training to a trip to a restaurant. If the server lacks knowledge of the menu, or worse, is rude, then the customer may have doubts about how the food will taste. But if that staff member offers recommendations and reasons for those recommendations, the patron is likely to be more confident in the entire dining process. That’s especially true if you’re dining at a nice restaurant that comes with a heftier bill, much like the increased costs of windshield replacement thanks to ADAS considerations.

“If they do have sticker shock, your team has to have the skillset and knowledge to walk them through what you’re going to have to do,” Navant says. “I think it’s just being knowledgeable about product lines and highlighting what the value in that is.”

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