Study: Pontiac is the Most Likely Vehicle Make to be Involved in Fatal Accidents

The Fitch Law Firm of Ohio recently completed a study in which it analyzed 2021 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to determine the vehicle makes most likely to be involved in fatal accidents in the U.S. The winner, or loser depending on how one approaches the issue, is Pontiac, with more than half of the 600 people involved in Pontiac accidents suffering fatal injuries.

According to the firm’s findings, 55.2%, or 329, of the 601 people involved in Pontiac accidents suffered fatal injuries. That figure is nearly ten percentage points higher than any other brand. The firm notes that while Pontiac closed operations in 2010, its used vehicles remain popular.

2021 Fatality Percentages by Vehicle Make

Rank Brand/Make % Fatal
1 Pontiac 55.20%
2 Buick 46.64%
3 Nissan 43.90%
4 Mazda 43.40%
5 Honda 42.39%
6 Lincoln 41.52%
7 Chrysler 40.53%
8 Kia 40.16%
9 Lexus 39.13%
10 Toyota 39.12%

“It may come as a surprise to some to see a defunct brand in Pontiac top the list,” says a Fitch spokesperson. “However, with used Pontiac vehicles remaining popular, the safety of new production vehicles is developing quickly, leaving used cheaper alternatives behind, which can be linked to the data shown here.”

Next on the list is Buick. According to NHTSA data, 506 of the 1,098 people involved in Buick accidents in 2021 suffered fatal injuries. That’s a percentage of 46.64%. Third place is occupied by Nissan. In 2021, 4,303 people were involved in Nissan accidents involving a fatality, while 1,869 people, or 43.90%, suffered fatal injuries. The Sentra and Altima are popular models in the U.S.

2021 Total Involved in Fatal Accidents by Vehicle Make

Rank Brand/Make Total Involved in Fatal Accidents
1 Toyota 7,425
2 Honda 5,031
3 Nissan 4,303
4 Kia 1,947
5 Buick 1,098
6 Lexus 903
7 Mazda 894
8 Chrysler 842
9 Pontiac 601
10 Lincoln 510

Mazda takes the fourth spot on the list with 894 recorded injuries, of which 385, or 43.40%, suffered fatal injuries. The Mazda CX-5 is the most likely vehicle that shops are likely to see enter the bay.

Finishing out the top five is Honda, which reportedly has the second-highest number of people involved in fatal accidents at 5,031, with 2,110 suffering fatal injuries. The CR-V and Accord are top-selling models for Honda.

2021 Fatal Injuries Recorded by Vehicle Make

Rank Brand/Make Fatal Injuries Recorded
1 Toyota 2,868
2 Honda 2,110
3 Nissan 1,869
4 Kia 775
5 Buick 506
6 Mazda 385
7 Lexus 351
8 Chrysler 334
9 Pontiac 329
10 Lincoln 208


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