Belron Extends Launch of New Resin to United Kingdom-Based Autoglass
January 4, 2012

Belron is continuing to roll out a new windshield repair resin throughout the world, with the latest addition being its United Kingdom-based brand, Autoglass.

“It’s the same resin that Safelite [is] using in the United States and is now being rolled out across the United Kingdom,” says Samantha Day-Tillotson, public relations manager for Autoglass.

Belron had announced the launch of a "newly enhanced windscreen repair solution” last April, and in July Safelite, the company’s U.S. division, announced it had begun using the resin as well.

Autoglass is calling the resin HPX3, and company officials say it has “higher adhesion, better aging, low shrinkage and better color stability” than the company’s previous resin. They also say it can “last the lifetime of the vehicle.”

“...This new resin will provide real benefits for the motorist,” says Autoglass managing director Matthew Mycock.  

Autoglass also will begin featuring the resin in its television ads, according to the company, as Safelite did in 2011.

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