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AGRSS Registration is Hot Topic at IGA Conference

When Tom Feeney, executive vice president of Belron US, took questions from the audience last week during a presentation the Independent Glass Association's (IGA) annual conference, one curious audience member asked for his position on AGRSS.

"You will not see us be registered, as we do not support third-party audits," he said to audible gasps in the room.

AGRSS Council chairperson Cindy Ketcherside told attendees that third-party validation will provide value not only to the industry, but also to consumers.

At press time, Belron US spokesperson Jenny Cain was in the process of working on a statement regarding this issue, but it was not yet available at press time.

On the same day Feeney made this statement, Carl Tompkins, chair of the AGRSS accreditation committee, and Cindy Ketcherside, chair of the AGRSS Council, took the same stage to discuss the third-party validation system and the reasons for registration.

"[Third-party validation] is going to provide worth not only to our industry, but also to the consumer," Ketcherside said. "It really is validation."

Tompkins asked the audience, "Are you AGRSS-registered? There's no good reason not to be."

IGA members who attended the session received coupons and, if they register with AGRSS within the next 30 days, IGA will pay their registration fees.

"I cannot think of a better thing you can do for your company," Tompkins added, in wrapping up the session.

The annual IGA conference was held May 1-3 in Las Vegas at the Cashman Convention Center.

Stay tuned to™ for more coverage of the three-day event as the week continues.

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