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AGRSS Chair Demonstrates Airbag Deployment at Arizona Safety Event

Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS) chairperson Cindy Ketcherside offered a presentation about auto glass and a windshield's structural importance during during the Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Council Safety Event last week in Phoenix. She also offered an airbag deployment demonstration for attendees (click on the video to the right to view the demonstration).

Both her company, JC's Glass, and Fas-Break, which is based in Mesa, Ariz., were in attendance. A crowd of approximately 50, made up of consumers, legislators and "first responders" (emergency technicians, etc.) attended and watched the demonstration.

Ketcherside said that though the windshield wasn't able to fly away from the vehicle (for obvious safety reasons), it wasn't as dramatic as she would have hoped, but that she still received a positive response from attendeeds.

"I [had] a fireman come up to me after the demo and state that normally, when trying to get an occupant who has been inured out of a car, they do not have to worry about cutting the windshield out," Ketcherside says. "[He said] the airbag usually does the trick and the windshield is laying on the hood or on the ground. [It was an] interesting statement. After seeing the demonstration of how a windshield should remain attached to the pinchweld, even with an airbag deployment, he understands the safety aspect of the windshield."

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