AGRSS Council Releases Safety Video for Insurance Companies
December 8, 2010

The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council Inc. has created and released a safety video that features Jon Fransway who is an auto glass safety advocate and insurance agent. Fransway also lost his sister, Jeanne, to an improperly installed windshield. In the 12 minute video Fransway explains why insurance companies should refer their customers to AGRSS registered shops and why it is so important windshields to be installed properly.

"When an AGRSS-Registered shop passes a validation, it is truly a unique achievement in our industry. This is a message the new AGRSS validation video helps tell to either an insurance claims executive or local insurance agent," says incoming AGRSS Council marketing committee chair Nik Frye. "The efforts of the marketing committee in the coming months will be to send a copy of the video to insurers across the United States. We encourage all AGRSS-Registered companies to use the video in their local communities to show agents how important a proper windshield installation is."

The video is currently being sent to AGRSS registered companies and they can order additional copies for a small price at

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