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Allstate Pricing Changes

A glassBYTES™ reader has reported that Allstate is issuing work orders with the cost of glass parts differing from the standard pricing agreement for Glass Claims Express participants, outlined in February 2005.

Shortly before the NAGS rebalancing of February 28, 2005, Allstate issued a standard pricing agreement that reflected a change respective to the rebalancing and glass part prices at 17 percent off of the NAGS numbers for shops servicing the A and B markets (C and D markets received prices at 4 and 27 percent more than NAGS, respectively).

CLICK HERE to read the glassBYTES story regarding the Allstate standard pricing agreement from February 2005.)

Recently, a shop in the western United States received a fax from the insurer indicating that a particular part would come in at cost 20 percent off of NAGS pricing.

Receipt of the fax has the shop owner angry. He expressed his dismay at the situation to glassBYTES, noting the increase in discount, particularly when coupled with the 3-percent price increases recently instituted by manufacturers and distributors.
He says these factors, along with the cost of doing business, are eating into his business's profits.

CLICK HERE to read a .pdf of the invoice reflecting the 20-percent discount as indicated by Allstate.

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