Allstate to Track "Key Performance Indicators" for Shops and Will Group Providers, According to Announcement
October 19, 2009

Allstate Insurance announced last week that it will begin recording and tracking a set of "Key Performance Indicators" for auto glass shops on its Glass Claims Express (GCE) network, effective November 1. The indicators will include items such as competitiveness on pricing, a customer satisfaction index and warranty frequency/performance and will be used to "determine which providers will participate in Allstate's Distinguished Performer" program.

Those who are selected for the Distinguished Performer program and are also GLAXIS e-scheduling enabled also will be featured on the company's new web application, which will allow consumers to make glass claims, confirm coverage and deductibles and schedule work via the company's website, according to the announcement.

Though the company says consumer choice will remain top priority, for those customers who do not have a preference of glass shop, Allstate will "provide the customer with the name(s) of GCE participating glass service providers who, according to their track record, are known to consistently deliver quality service to our customers."
"Allstate will continue to honor the choices of our policyholders and claimants may have a glass service provider of their choosing, but with this new model, a model designed for increased customer satisfaction, Allstate will feature Distinguished Performers when asked for assistance by our policyholders," writes the company.

GCE participants will be able to view their Key Performance Indicator results on the METRYX site, which also will note areas that require improvement.

Allstate requires those eligible to be placed on the Distinguished Performer program to:

  • have been in the program for no less than 180 days;
  • demonstrate a customer satisfaction index that "meets or exceeds the established [Key Performance Indicator] level;"
  • have performed not fewer than 60 replacement jobs for GCE (or repairs for repair-only businesses]; and
  • demonstrate warranty performance "as measured by Allstate at a level that meets the [Key Performance Indicator] level."

The announcement also notes that auto glass providers must utilize NAGS parts "as a percent of total replacement parts utilized will be measured by Allstate to determine 'Best in Class' performance that considers local market conditions/differences."

For those providers "that do not perform consistently within industry-leading parameters," they will be allowed to remain on the network, but with "Industry Participant" status, according to Allstate officials. However, they'll still be eligible to later move to the Distinguished Performer designation.
Along with these changes, Allstate also will begin requiring GCE participants to submit a bill of sale for each piece of "dealer glass or other authorized non-NAGS glass part as may be required by Allstate" in order to be reimbursed for the parts.

Allstate is dubbing the changes "the Next Generation of Glass Claims Express."

When asked what brought about the changes, Allstate spokesperson Mike Siemienas advises that they are a part of the company's efforts to provide optimal customer service.

"This is just to make sure that our customers get the possible service," he said.

He noted that for consumers with a shop choice, it will be business as usual.

"Customers may choose the auto glass provider who will work on their vehicle," Siemienas says. "However, in most cases when the customer does not have a preference, Allstate will offer those recognized in the Distinguished Performer program."

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