Alternative Pricing Model Presented at IGA Convention

The following was announced in the Independent Glass Association's Beacon Bulletin issued on Thursday, April 22, 2004.

In the spring of 2003, twenty-five independently owned auto glass replacement companies met in Chicago to develop an alternative to the benchmark list price our industry is currently using. Members of the group felt that the current system does not adequately reflect market realities. Therefore, they formed the Chicago Auto Glass Group, N.F.P, a not-for-profit organization.

The group will give their first national presentation to our industry during the "Pricing Trends" seminar at the IGA's Independents' Days National Convention and Glass Show in Columbus, Ohio on Friday April 30th.

Jesse Herrera and Bud Oliver from NAGS will also speak about their new labor-based pricing model during "Pricing Trends". The seminar has been extended 30 minutes to provide ample time for both presentations, and is now scheduled from 1:45pm - 3:15pm on Friday. The IGA thanks NAGS for graciously sharing their time during Pricing Trends.

Wes Topping, President and CEO of Elite Auto Glass in Denver, and President and facilitator of the Chicago Auto Glass Group, along with Carl Ostdiek, President of Henderson Glass, will be presenters for the Chicago Auto Glass Group. Their presentation, entitled "Guide to Developing Insurance Payment Benchmarks for Auto Glass replacement Claims Fulfillment", will explain their guide and the formulas used to establish a payment schedule.

This schedule is designed to:
1. Anchor benchmark payment schedules to a verifiable real cost base.
2. Provide benchmark payment schedules that are reflective of actual competitive market pricing.
3. Provide benchmark payment schedules that address material and labor costs as separate issues.
4. Provide benchmark payment schedules that are accepted as fair and reasonable.
5. Provide benchmark payment schedules that promote competitive pricing throughout the auto glass replacement industry.

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