Arizona Auto Glass Shop Owner Re-Arrested in DUI Case
October 2, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Rex Altree was arrested for a second time regarding an earlier DUI charge in September 2010
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Gilbert, Ariz., auto glass shop owner Rex Altree has been arrested for a second time in relation to a DUI charge received on September 1, 2010. According to local reports, the owner and founder of New Image Auto Glass LLC, was re-arrested after investigators and forensic analysts determined the video footage used to dismiss the original charge was fabricated. One of the pending felony charges against Altree alleges he engaged in evidence tampering.

Altree was arrested Friday and is now facing five felony charges in connection with the falsified footage.

According to a statement issued by Sgt. Jesse Sanger from the Gilbert Police Department, “the exam [of the video] revealed dates and times had been altered on the video introduced and the extreme DUI case was later re-filed on September 28 2012.  After the investigation proved the video was altered and probable cause was established, Altree was arrested at the Gilbert Municipal Court for multiple felony charges related to the submission of the altered video following his guilty plea on the extreme DUI. Charges will be submitted to [the] Maricopa County attorney’s office for perjury, forgery, tampering with physical evidence and obstructing a criminal investigation.”

Local reports state the footage in question was presented as part of Altree’s defense against his September 2010 arrest, which supposedly cleared him of the allegations made by Gilbert police by showing inconsistencies in the police report.

Based on the footage, a judge dismissed the DUI charge against Altree in November 2011.

Court records show that Altree attended a change of plea hearing held at 10 a.m. this past Friday.

“I’m really at a point now where I believe it’s a personal matter,” says Altree in an exclusive interview with™ and AGRR™ magazine. “I’m not a bad person; I just would like to keep this personal.”

In addition to owning an auto glass shop, Altree serves in a volunteer capacity with several auto glass organizations. Earlier this year, Altree was named a board member for the Independent Glass Association (IGA) in July 2012. As of today, the IGA website does not list Altree as a current board member though IGA executive director Gary Hart says he remains in that position.

“Mr. Altree is still an IGA board member as of the writing of this response,” says Hart in an emailed statement to™/AGRR™ magazine. “His listing on the IGA website was taken down temporarily (72 hours) in an attempt to minimize the number of media/press inquiries to which our management company would have to handle.”

“At the present time, it is our understanding through publically accessible court information that Mr. Altree has pled guilty to a DUI charge and has accepted his punishment,” continues Hart. “No other charges have been lodged against Mr. Altree. Should additional charges be brought against Mr. Altree, as alleged by the media officer of the police department where Mr. Altree was arrested for DUI, the IGA will reassess his position with the board.”

Altree is also a founder and current president of the Arizona Auto Glass Association (AAGA).

“I think Rex is resigning as president of the association for appearances,” says Dennis Hall, lawyer for the AAGA to™. “It’s entirely a personal, non-business situation. It has really nothing to do with his business. We regret that Rex is having these issues.”

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