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Anti-Steering Legislation Introduced in Missouri
March 11, 2009

A Missouri representative has introduced a new bill that includes provision designed to prevent steering in the collision repair industry. The bill, H.B. 834, comes on the heels of a more general piece of legislation that was killed during the 2008 session, designed to prevent steering on a broader scale. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

The new bill is designed to accomplish several collision repair industry items and focuses on a great deal of licensing, but would also require that estimates for damage claims written on behalf of an insurer to include a written notice that the vehicle owner has the right to choose a repair facility of his or her choice. The notice would also explain that "no one can use intimidation or coercive tactics to alter the owner's choice."

The bill is being sponsored by Rep. Steve Hobbs. Last year's bill was sponsored by Sen. Wes Shoemeyer.

CLICK HERE for full text of bill.

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