Arizona Auto Glass Bills Continue to Progress; One Addresses Insurance Fraud, the Other Insurance Policies

April 5, 2010

Two pieces of Arizona House legislation addressing items related to auto glass business sare now under the review of the state's Senate. House Bill 2463 addresses several types of insurance fraud as they relate to auto glass shops, while House bill 2464 addresses the type of deductibles that may be offered by insurers for auto glass coverage.

H.B. 2463, which includes provisions addressing auto glass shops working with insurers, was passed by the House on March 23 and has since been read in the Senate's Commerce and Economic Development Committee twice. (CLICK HERE for full text of current bill.)

H.B. 2464, which would change the state's language on what types of deductibles can be offered for auto glass coverage in insurance, passed the state's house on March 24 with a vote of 49-5 and has been read twice in the Senate as well.

The text would make the law read as follows:

Any insurer writing private passenger automobile insurance that includes comprehensive coverage for motor vehicle damage may offer coverage that provides at the option of the insured complete coverage for the repair or replacement of all damaged safety equipment without regard to any deductible. (CLICK HERE for full text of current bill.)

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