Arizona House Reviews Auto Glass Legislation
January 18, 2010

An Arizona representative has introduced legislation in the state’s house that would amend the state’s laws to add a section specifically addressing auto glass businesses.

If passed, the provisions set forth in Arizona’s House Bill 2463 would define several unlawful practices when dealing with auto glass claims—for example, submitting claims in instances where the work wasn’t provided; submitting claims with references to geographic areas in which the work was not completed; submitting claims in which the owner of the vehicle didn’t authorize the work; and showing work performed on a date other than when it was actually performed.

The bill also would prohibit auto glass businesses from signing a work order or claim form “falsely” on behalf of a policyholder.

H.B. 2463 also includes several provisions about “misrepresentations.” It prohibits auto glass businesses and associates from misrepresenting their relationship to a policyholder’s insurer; the cost of the proposed repairs; and whether the insurer has improved the repairs or replacement.

The proposal also would make it illegal for auto glass businesses to “represent to a policyholder or other person that the repair or replacement will be paid for entirely by the policyholder’s insurer and at no cost to the policyholder unless the person making the statement is employed by or is a producer contracted with the policyholder’s insurer.”

The bill specifies that it is illegal to “add to the damage of auto glass before repair in order to increase the scope of repair or replacement or encourage a policyholder or other person to add to the damage of auto glass before repair.”

Finally, H.B. 2463 also outlaws performing working “substantially beyond the level of work necessary to repair or replace the auto glass.”

The bill was introduced by Rep. Nancy McLain (R).

CLICK HERE for the full text of the bill.

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