Arizona Auto Glass Deductible Language Killed in Senate Appropriations Committee; AGA President Offers Tips for Others Up Against Legislation

April 8, 2010

An Arizona House bill that would have changed the state law's language on the type of deductibles for auto glass coverage that could be offered in the state has been amended to remove the auto glass language completely while under review of the state's Senate. H.B. 2464 now addresses the state's parks system, according to information from the state legislature. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"All glass language has been expunged out of the bill completely," says Rex Altree, president of the Arizona Glass Association (AGA). Altree also serves as president of New Image Auto Glass in Chandler, Ariz., and worked closely with legislators on both this legislation and H.B. 2463, a bill addressing auto glass shops and insurance fraud issues. (H.B. 2463 continues to move through the Senate, though it has not yet been passed.)

Altree points out that he didn't learn about either auto glass bill until both had been introduced and the process had begun.

"The insurance companies didn't come to us and try to solicit our input," he says. "They just came up with these two bills."

By becoming involved, Altree and fellow industry associates were able to work closely on the development of the latest language for H.B. 2463, which is what passed from the House into the Senate. However, the work is not done yet, he says.

"There's still language we're going to try to change, minor things we want to change, but hopefully we can get those few minor changes made and will be going forward," Altree says.

For others who might come up against legislation that could be harmful to their businesses across the country, Altree offers some tips.

"When we got blindsided by these two bills, we were so inundated with the work that needed to be done to try to slow them down and get them at least either killed or re-worded in a way that was a little satisfactory to us, that we didn't ask for help," he says. "Our head was down and we were focused on our world, that we didn't seek help from the [Independent Glass Association] during that period, or maybe the auto body shops … People who've been through it before are the people with the knowledge. We were trying to reinvent the wheel, where it's already been done in these other states, and we can glean a lot of knowledge and insight from these other associations."

In the future, Altree says he hopes to continue involvement with the legislative process in his work in Arizona.

"We are looking forward to passing and being active in the legislative process this summer and going forward," he says. "Our agenda is going to be legislative mainly, and that's what we're in business to do, be a watchdog and introduce new bills that we think are good for the community and the auto glass members of our association in general."

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