Arizona Male Convicted of Using Old Glass Replacement Work Orders to Commit Fraud
January 6, 2012

An Arizona male, Michael Swedo of Payson, Ariz., has been convicted of utilizing old work orders from 15 Arizona auto glass shops to report fraudulent claims to insurers and receive payment for these, according to information from the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADI).

Swedo has been sentenced to five years in prison, a $5,000 fine and $83,356 in restitution to 16 different insurance companies. According to the ADI, the work orders obtained by Swedo contained customer names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance policy information, which he utilized to file fraudulent claims with multiple insurance companies, posing as both the insured and as an employee of a company called Cipolla Auto Glass.

ADI spokesperson Erin Klug says the agency began an investigation after being alerted by the insurers involved in the case.

Swedo was convicted both of submitting fraudulent claims to insurance companies and stealing the identity of an individual to set up a false business to conduct his scam.

The ADI has not disclosed how Swedo obtained the work orders. In addition, though a release from ADI says Swedo allegedly acted “with the help of other suspects,” no other suspects have been named.

The reports are alleged to have occurred between November 2010 and April 2011.

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