Hakimian Attorney Says Client Regrets Errors, Has Instituted "Real Reforms" at Glass Emporium
July 8, 2010

William Osterhoudt, the attorney who's represented Glass Emporium owner Mehrdad Hakimian throughout the insurance fraud case against him, says Hakimian regrets his errors, and has made changes at the company to make sure no fraudulent billing errors occur in the future.

"We're disappointed that he sustained these convictions because he maintains a company that employs very many people and has served his customers well for many years," says Osterhoudt in a statement provided via phone to glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine. "The problems that gave rise to the trial happened years ago and they ended in 2006. Since then he's done everything he can to make sure that money was restored to anyone who was overcharged whether intentionally or fraudulently or intentionally or innocently and he's instituted real reforms at his company to make sure those things don't happen in the future and he's been successful in that regard."

He adds, "A countless number of people came to court and they put in letters and they hold [Hakimian] in the highest regard and I feel that he'll continue to be a very contributing member of the community for many years to come with this behind him. Nevertheless he obviously regrets having to be here and having made these errors in his time."

Hakimian was sentenced last week to more than three years in prison and a $150,000 fine for charges involving insurance fraud and the overbilling of more than 70 insurers for a total of more than $400,000 from his company's locations throughout the United States. He will begin serving his prison sentence on September 3. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

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