Acquisition of Atwood Spec-Temp Increases Capabilities for Tem-Pace
June 7, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

The recent acquisition of Atwood Spec-Temp in Antwerp, Ohio, will add a variety of capabilities to the offerings of Tem-Pace.

“They had some size capabilities that we do not have and they gave us some opportunities to reach out into some things we don’t have and it helps us to fulfill more of our present customers’ needs,” says Kent Mawer, sales and marketing manager for Tem-Pace.

Mawer refers to the acquisition as a “win-win” situation for all parties involved and says there will be very few employee changes.

“Spec-Temp will be an LLC, basically a subdivision of Tem-Pace. Will that change? We don’t know that. It could be merged into one name but we don’t know that,” says Mawer. “We’re keeping the different identity factors, but all to the benefit of the customers. Whenever we do anything they are our primary concern.”

The transition is expected to take place over the never several months.

Tem-Pace manufactures custom tempered glass, serving the RV, truck cap, door and window, furniture, retail display and lighting markets. Spec-Temp specializes in a variety of areas including tempering glass for high-precision configurations of flat, bent and insulating glass applications.

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