Auto One Institutes No-Texting Policy
June 4, 2010

Auto One Glass & Accessories in Brighton, Mich., has put in place a ban on texting while driving corporate vehicles. The prohibition coincides with a new law banning texting while driving in the state of Michigan that takes effect on July 1.

"We believe that the new law is a good one and are getting things rolling at Auto One by putting in place a policy before the law comes out in July," says Dave Zoldowski, owner and president.

Ron Overbeck, owner and corporate stores operations manager, adds, "The temptation to text while driving is very strong. Knowing that, we are taking multiple measures to ensure the safety of our customers."

Overbeck says the company is looking into further steps to ensure no texting occurs while its corporate vehicles are on the road.

"We're investigating phone apps that will turn off the texting function while the phone is moving more than 10 miles an hour," he says. "We are also looking at technology for vehicles that will automatically convert any text or e-mail into speech so the driver can listen instead of reading."

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