Auto Glass Companies See Business Climb After Kansas Hailstorm
July 25, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

Auto glass retailers in Hutchinson, Kan., are seeing an upswing in business after hail the size "of grapefruit" hit the area Tuesday, according to local reports.

"We are seeing severe damage," says Brenda Pennick of Kansas Glass in Hutchinson, Kan. "We're getting a lot of calls."
The increased demand due to the storm is helping business, she adds. The company has been open during extended hours to serve customers.

"We started at 7 a.m. yesterday and didn't end until 10 p.m. We're mainly seeing windshields and sidelites," Pennick says.
A customer service representative at Mobile Services Auto Glass, in Hutchinson, Kan., did not have time to say more than "we're swamped with work."

At a Novus franchise in Hutchinson, Kan., a customer service represented reported growth in business.

"We're working normal business hours, but we've seen more business," she says.

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