UNITED KINGDOM - Auto Windscreens Awarded ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
August 10, 2012

United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens has now been awarded the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

ISO 14001 is designed to address the right balance between maintaining business profitability and reducing environmental impact. Companies are required to demonstrate their commitment to green business practices and monitoring energy consumption and use of natural resources, according to information from Auto Windscreens Company officials say they utilize an Environmental Management System (EMS), designed to ensure all issues are managed internally for each geographical area and for each department.

"Of all our fitting centers, the Edinburgh site covers the largest area, and on average, a technician can do as many as 1,000 miles per week," says Mark Foster, service delivery director. "Wherever possible, we minimize traveling distances by scheduling work runs geographically, to maximize service delivery and minimize environmental impact. None of our waste is sent to landfill - it's all recycled. The windscreens and windows we remove, for example, become glass bottles and when our company vehicles are serviced, waste oil is collected for reprocessing."

OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety helps companies to identify, control and reduce risk.

Foster adds, "The nature of our business means we have many different 'workplaces', from offices and fitting centers, to roadsides and driveways. We're committed to keeping our staff, customers and visitors safe, wherever they are."

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