UNITED KINGDOM - Autoglass Warns Consumers about Dangerous Roads
March 13, 2013

As snow blankets the United Kingdom, Autoglass is reaching out to consumers and warning them that roads are becoming more dangerous. The company has released a video for consumers offering advice, including tips on needed windshield repairs.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, points out, "Spring is definitely not yet in the air. With March on track to be the coldest since 1986, temperatures are plummeting to -7C and the combination of high winds, rain, snow and freezing conditions predicted until after Easter, the roads are more dangerous than usual for this time of year."

With driving becoming more hazardous, he outlined a few tips for consumers.

"Ensuring good visibility is the essential first step and hurried motorists should not be tempted to carve out a small patch on the windscreen to peer through. All frost/snow should be removed from all vehicle windows, with snow also being removed from the roof to prevent it sliding down whilst in motion," Mycock says.

To view the company's video, click here.

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