New York Assembly to Review Bill Relating to Insurer Interests in Repair Shops
January 7, 2011

A New York assemblyperson has introduced a bill that would add provisions to the state’s insurance code regarding insurer’s interests in motor vehicle repair shops.

Though the full text of the bill, introduced by Assemblymember RoAnn M. Destito (D), is not yet available, according to the bill summary, it would “provide that an insurer may not hold nor acquire interest in a motor vehicle repair shop.”

Likewise, for those insurers that already hold interests in repair shops, it would require that they “disclose to each insured that the insured has the right to use any motor vehicle repair shop selected by the insured.”

The bill, AB 960, has been referred to the Assembly’s transportation committee for review.

Stay tuned to for more information about the bill as it becomes available.

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