BMW Recalls 2010 X5 and X6 Due to Windshield Bonding Issue
February 16, 2010

BMW of North America LLC has issued a recall for its 2010 X5 and X6 models sold in the United States, citing a possible windshield bonding issue in the upper-right area of the vehicles' windshields. The vehicles were those made between December 14 and December 16, 2009, and the area with the bonding issue spans about 50 cm in length.

"In the upper-right area of the windshield, bonding may be insufficient over a length of approximately 50 cm," writes NHTSA. "In the case of a rollover, the stability of the roof could be affected, increasing the risk of injuries."

BMW issued the recall via the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) on January 22.

At press time, BMW spokesperson Andreas Lampka had not responded to requests for comment, though it has been reported in other news sources that about 500 vehicles will be affected.

NHTSA says BMW has not yet identified a remedy for owners of the vehicles.

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