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Who's Belletech?

Since the announcement that Belletech would open an auto glass assembly plant near Versaille, Ind., earlier this week, the industry has been abuzz with a question: who's Belletech? (CLICK HERE for related story.)

The company, which is based in Bellefontaine, Ohio, has been around for 19 years and is a joint venture among AGC Flat Glass North America Inc. (40 percent ownership), Pittsburgh Glass Works (formerly PPG Auto Glass) (40 percent ownership), and AGC-Takahashi Co. Ltd. (20 percent ownership).

The new plant opened by Belletech is intended to employ more than 100 by 2012, according to a press release issued by the Indiana governor's office. The company will invest more than $4 million to build the 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which will supply automotive glass assemblies to Honda's new production facility in Greensburg, Ind. Belletech plans to begin work on the facility later this year, and according to vice president of operations Mark McIntyre, the company plans to open the plant in May or June of 2008. It will be Belletech's second facility.

While the company primarily is a Honda supplier, McIntyre says it also supplies Ford and Chrysler, though on a smaller scale. Providing automotive glass assemblies is Belletech's primary business, but it also does some injection molding.

"We put the hardware on the glass," McIntyre says. The company's glass, of course, comes from its parent companies-AGC, Pittsburgh Glass Works and AGC-Takahashi.

Belletech considers itself a green company, according to information from its website.

"Belletech is committed to becoming a leader in environmental awareness and compliance. We will continually improve our efforts to prevent pollution and preserve resources by reducing use of chemicals, eliminating waste and recycling materials. We will meet our customer and governmental obligations while achieving our environmental objectives and targets," reads the company's environmental statement.

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