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Belron US Announces Teams for London Triathlon

Belron chief executive officer Gary Lubner addresses last year's triathlon contestants.

Twelve Belron US employees were selected recently to represent the company in the Mazda London Triathlon August 9 and 10 to raise money for Ma'Afrika Tikkun, an organization benefiting children and orphans in South Africa.

Initially, 41 Belron US employees expressed an interest in representing the company in this year's triathlon. The field was narrowed to 12 to have enough swimmers, cyclists and runners to make four three-person teams.

"We are excited that this team of associates will be representing our U.S. division overseas," says Tom Feeney, president and chief executive officer of Belron US. "This is a wonderful event or a good cause, and it's a great opportunity for this team to meet our Belron family from around the globe."

Team 1 will consist of:
- Todd Hoffman, general manager, Louisville, Ky.;
- Brian Ehrlich, logistics coordinator, Columbus, Ohio; and
- Jenny Kipker, treasury analyst, Columbus.

Team 2 will consist of:
- Chuck Pratt, assistant manager, Denver;
- Jason Silva, technician, Phoenix; and
- Brent Fiegel, warehouse lead associate, Davenport, Iowa.

Team 3 will consist of:
- Matt Weger, IT director, Columbus;
- Paul Koehler, IT director, Columbus; and
- Brian DiMasi, senior corporate counsel, Columbus.

Team 4 will consist of:
- Lisandro Tupete, service representative, Newark, N.J.;
- Geoff Baker, assistant manager, Fort Collins, Colo.; and
- Jermaine Washington, general manager, Indianapolis.

The Belron teams will compete at the Olympic distance in the following events:
- a 1,500-meter swim (approximately one mile);
- a 40-kilometer bike (approximately 25 miles); and
- a 10-kilometer run (approximately 6.2 miles).

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