Belron US Considers Expanding Hours Based on Customer Demand
June 30, 2009

Belron US currently is investigating ways to expand/extend its hours, according to company spokesperson Jenny Cain. However, despite rumors that the company had added Sunday hours and extended its daily hours to 7 p.m. throughout the country, Cain said the company has not looked at anything specific.

"We have discussed expanding hours so we are open when our customers need us," she told™/AGRR magazine. "We are in the process of investigating ways to expand our hours but we are not looking at any specific day or day part."

She added, "It is based on customer demand and we give our field teams the latitude to remain open longer hours to meet the demand. We are keeping our people busy … "

Last year, the Columbus, Ohio-based company tried "24/7" auto glass service in Las Vegas, but, in an interview conducted last July, company president and chief executive officer Tom Feeney told™/AGRR magazine that it hadn't worked out.

However, the company had at that time begun offering weekend service.

Does your company extend its hours in the summer as the days grow longer?Does your company offer weekend service, and, if so, on Saturday and/or Sunday? Please e-mail to advise if you've tried this and to share tips for others about what you may have learned from this.

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