Best of Belron® Kicks Off in Paris
June 9, 2010

Twenty-seven Belron technicians from around the world are competing this week in Paris in the company’s international Best of Belron competition. The winner of the competition will take home a cash prize of a year’s salary. The event began today.

The competition has several new facets this year, including the ability for technicians to bring a personal coach to the competition, with whom he can consult as necessary during the competition for up to two minutes during each portion of the competition. Likewise, Belron has added a “Training on the Job” element, so that after each challenge, both the technician and his coach will be able to listen to the quality judge’s comments as he inspects the technician’s work.

To qualify for the event, each finalist has had to win his own country competition. Judging is based on a windshield installation, windshield repair, sidelite replacement, and communication with the customer throughout. Each technician also must complete a detailed questionnaire covering every aspect of his job, from health and safety, working methods to customer care.

The event is being held at Grande Halle de la Villette and continues tomorrow. Mark Jackson of Columbus, Ohio, is representing the United States in the competition. (CLICK HERE for related story about the U.S. competition, held this January in Orlando, Fla.)


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