Belron Parent D’Ieteren Shareholders Approve Ten-for-One Share Split
December 21, 2010

Belron parent company D’Ieteren held a general meeting of shareholders yesterday and approved the Board of Directors’ proposal to divide its shares by ten.

The exchange of old shares for new ones will take place from Monday, December 27, 2010 in the proportions described below:

  • one old D'Ieteren ordinary share, with coupons 20 and following attached, will entitle its holder to ten new ordinary shares with coupons 1 and following attached;
  • one old D'Ieteren VVPR strip will entitle its holder to 10 new VVPR strips; and
  • one old D'Ieteren participating share will entitle its holder to 10 new participating shares.

Registered securities listed in the securities register and dematerialized securities listed on a securities account will be automatically exchanged, according to a company statement. In addition, bearer securities must, from December 27 onwards, and prior to the exercise of any right related thereto (including exchange), be presented by their holders either to the financial institution of their choice to be recorded on a securities account or to the issuer, to be recorded on the register of registered securities, at the shareholder's option.

After the exchange, the number of securities issued by the company will be multiplied by ten as indicated in the chart below.

  Before December 27 After December 27
Number of Ordinary Shares
Number of VVPR Strips
Number of Participating Shares

The new D'Ieteren shares and new VVPR strips will be registered or dematerialized and will be the only shares admitted to trading from December 27 onwards. As of this date, the old bearer securities will therefore no longer be negotiable and their rights (dividend and voting rights) will be suspended until their exchange, according to the company statement.

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