Belron Reports 5 Percent Decrease in Repair and Replacement Jobs Worldwide for First Quarter
May 18, 2011

Belron experienced a 5 percent drop worldwide in repair and replacement jobs for the first quarter, from the same period in 2010, according to parent company D’Ieteren’s first-quarter financial report. The company completed a total of 2.9 million jobs total throughout the world for the quarter.

The percentage of total jobs that were windshield repair jobs was down for the quarter as well, though specific numbers are not provided in the latest report.

Overall, Belron officials report a worldwide increase in sales of 3 percent for the first quarter, when compared with 2010, but attribute the increase to acquisitions (1 percent) and a favorable currency impact due to the stronger U.S. dollar (2 percent).

However, company officials say compared to last year, sales were comparatively flat, “reflecting mild weather compared to the exceptional 2010 conditions predominantly in Northern Europe.”

In Europe, Belron experienced sales growth of 2 percent—1 percent from acquisitions and 1 percent from a positive currency impact of the stronger GB pound. Outside Europe, the company saw sales growth of 5 percent—1 percent of which was acquired growth, and 4 percent from currency translation.

“Despite a more favorable winter in Canada, like-for-like sales were flat, reflecting lower marketing activity in the United States and continued difficult marketing conditions in Brazil,” writes D’Ieteren.

D’Ieteren projects moderate organic sales growth for Belron for the rest of the year.

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