Belron Continues Shopping Spree and Johnson Auto Glass Lives on as
Safelite (Sort of)

November 28, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Belron and its subsidiaries are continuing its acquisition "spree" around the globe.

U.K.-based AutoRestore®, part of the Belron Group and sister company to Autoglass, has announced its full acquisition of Midlands-based ADR Accident Repair Center Group effective today.

According to a press release issued by AutoRestore the company has,"declared its intention to become the 'natural choice' for all types of vehicle body repair in the U.K. By combining the leading fleet of mobile bodyshops with a network of fixed locations, it will offer all customers who sustain accident damage to their vehicle the most convenient repair solution."

"By acquiring ADR, AutoRestore is now the second largest vehicle body repair group in the U.K., employing over 500 people," says John Matthews, head of marketing communications for AutoRestore.

Chris Eldridge, managing director of AutoRestore says, "ADR Group is the perfect cultural fit with AutoRestore and represents our commitment to become the vehicle repairer of choice not only for the traditional insurance and fleet markets, but also the rapidly emerging retail sector."

"I had not considered selling my business until AutoRestore approached me, but once I understood their long term plans, it not only made perfect sense, it intuitively felt like the right thing to do," says Andy Blair, founder of ADR Group.

"Everyone at Safelite® Group is excited to see AutoRestore's expansion and Belron's continued commitment to enhance the customer experience. We plan to evaluate it to see if it is appropriate for the U.S. market as we evaluate all best practices from tools to technology to provide better service and value to our customers," says Melina Metzger, public relations manager for Belron's U.S.-based subsidiary, Safelite.

Additionally, the phone of Plattsburgh, N.Y.-based Johnson Auto Glass and Trim, which announced its closing October 26, are being answered by Safelite.

When™ called Johnson's phone number yesterday, the call was redirected to a recorded message saying: "Johnson Auto Glass now being serviced by Safelite AutoGlass," before being redirected again to a Safelite call center. A customer service representative named Adrian then told, "We [Safelite] actually bought out Johnson Auto Glass ... it happened maybe about a couple of weeks ago."

Metzger could not confirm this, however, noting, "Safelite AutoGlass has not acquired Johnson Glass. Johnson's decided to close and in the interest of providing the best service possible to their customers arranged for all their calls to be directed to Safelite AutoGlass."

Metzger says that Safelite did not purchase the phone number from Johnson's either, stating, "Mr. Johnson asked that we take the calls during his closing."

Safelite will continue answering the calls, "until the end of the year, then we'll evaluate whether or not to continue," Metzger adds.

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