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Belron US Honors 60 with "Wall of Fame" Award

Belron US recently recognized 60 employees with the company's top annual award, the Wall of Fame.

Employees selected for the Wall of Fame are nominated by their supervisors and are selected by a nomination review committee based on their contribution to company goals, individual accomplishments and a commitment to Belron US values.

"One of the core values of our organization is recognizing and rewarding results," says Tom Feeney, Belron US president and chief executive officer. "I look forward to acknowledging our top-performing associates each year because they earn their spot on the Wall of Fame by demonstrating leadership, teamwork and exceptional customer service. Their individual contributions combined with those of the teams they are a part of make our company the success that it is."

This year's recipients are as follows:

  • Daniel Allen, a mobile pro in Brooksville, Fla.;
  • Troy Barnes, a PC support technician in Columbus, Ohio;
  • Salvador Becerra, a mobile pro in Glendora, Calif.;
  • Gabriel Benitez, a technician in Tucson, Ariz.;
  • Christopher Bennett, a technician in East Hartford, Conn.;
  • Randy Bleier, a master technician in Schofield, Wis.;
  • Tom Burgett, a manager for PC support, in Columbus;
  • Christopher Cole, a client advocate in Columbus;
  • Zeke Dexter, a warehouse lead in Boise, Idaho;
  • Kemp Edwards, a distribution center manager in Enfield, N.C.;
  • Sandra Ewers, a customer service representative in Columbus;
  • Brandon Gaunce, a mobile pro in Houston;
  • Deb Gordon, a help desk analyst in Columbus;
  • Larry Hare Jr., a technician in Harrisburg;
  • Cindy Hopper, market manager in Lubbock, Texas;
  • Lynn Johnson, an administrative assistant in Columbus;
  • Kevin Keegan, a technician in Sarasota, Fla.;
  • Nina Kerns, a lead network invoicing and service center lead in Columbus;
  • Dave Leach, a division manager in Denver;
  • Richard McKeith, a technician in Largo, Fla.;
  • Elizabeth Mendoza, a warehouse supervisor in Phoenix;
  • Josh Merryman, a warehouse associate in Sewickley, Pa.;
  • Gail Noble, a customer service representative in Auburn, Wash.;
  • Kim Noble, a customer satisfaction lead in Columbus;
  • Justin Parsons, a warehouse supervisor in Tulsa, Okla.;
  • Ray Petteway, a warehouse lead in Jacksonville, Fla.;
  • Bernice Pittman, a lamination worker in Enfield, N.C.;
  • Mark Placenti, vice president of marketing in Columbus;
  • Tanya Pollard, a customer satisfaction representative in Columbus;
  • James Powell, a vinyl worker in Enfield, N.C.;
  • Rich Radel, a repair technician in Sioux Falls, S.D.;
  • Saul Rainey, a mobile pro in Tooele, Utah;
  • Lorna Ramey, a service lead in Washington, D.C.;
  • Brandon Rene, a technician in Salt Lake City;
  • Steve Richey, a mobile pro in Newark, Ohio;
  • Miguel Salas, a technician in Jacksonville;
  • Antonio Sanchez, a warehouse driver in Denver;
  • Kay Sanders, a tax accountant in Columbus;
  • David Savoy, a warehouse manager in Colorado Springs, Colo.;
  • Sandra Shelton, a warehouse associate in Miami;
  • Chaz Shields, a warehouse lead in Minneapolis;
  • Dan Spriet, a general manager in Tucson;
  • Gene Sullivan, a group warehouse manager in Colorado Springs;
  • Kevin Sweatman, a mobile pro in Lakewood, N.Y.;
  • Jete Syriphokha, a warehouse/rack crew member in Worthington, Ohio;
  • Brandon Taylor, a job coach in Columbus;
  • Juan Toro, a technician in Tampa, Fla.;
  • Karen Torres, a services manager in Denver;
  • Fikret Trbakovic, a warehouse associate in Jacksonville;
  • Daniel Ulibarri, a technician in Corpus Christi, Texas;
  • Greg Valentine, a field communication desk specialist in Columbus;
  • Fulgencio Velazquez, a technician in Houston;
  • Travis Wanninger, a warehouse lead in Denver;
  • Lana Whittridge, a customer service representative in Columbus;
  • Amy Wilcox, a financial analyst II in Columbus;
  • Julius Williams, a repair specialist in Alexandria, Va.;
  • Brad Wilmoth, a mobile pro in South Bend, Ind.;
  • Alfred Wilson, a repair specialist in Atlanta;
  • Douglas Wynn, a mobile pro tech in Casa Grande, Ariz.; and
  • Chris Young, a technician in Salt Lake City.

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