Sponsored Link: Enhanced BETASEAL™ 0°ne EZKits from Dow Automotive Systems Improve Efficiency, Reduce Waste

May 26, 2010

Auburn Hills, Michigan, May 26, 2010 - Responding to feedback from glass technicians across North America, Dow Automotive Systems has expanded its popular BETASEAL™ 0°ne EZKits to include 20 adhesive cartridges and enough primer and ancillary materials to complete 14 windshield installations. Designed to provide everything glass shops need to deliver one-hour safe drive-away service in all weather conditions above 0°F (-17.7ºC), each BETASEAL™ 0°ne EZKit now includes:

  • 20 cartridges of BETASEAL 0°ne urethane adhesive
  • 16 applicators for BETAPRIME™ CLEAR SA 1-Step Glass/Frit Primer
  • A 12-ounce can of BETACLEAN™ GC-800 Glass Cleaner, including an additional red actuator for use as a cut-out lubricant
  • A 40-ml can of BETAPRIME 5404A Pinchweld and Encapsulation Primer
  • 20 nozzles, 10 precut and 10 uncut
  • 12 14-mm daubers
  • 8 acid brushes
  • 8 abrasive pads
  • 28 AGRSS-compliant proof-of-use stickers
  • 15 mirror hang tags
  • An EZKit instruction sheet

"Our customers asked for more material in each kit to improve their efficiency and to reduce packaging waste," said Phil Jentoft, commercial manager, Aftermarket, Dow Automotive Systems. "They also asked for a streaming-nozzle actuator when using GC-800 as a cut-out lubricant. The 'red' color helps technicians quickly and easily identify which can of GC-800 has a streaming-nozzle for lubrication and which can has a 'white' spray-nozzle for cleaning.. Including the streaming-nozzle as well as acid brushes and abrasive pads in all of our EZKits makes life a little easier for technicians and reinforces Dow Automotive Systems' commitment to understanding our customers and providing the best performing and most technician friendly adhesive systems."

BETASEAL™ 0°ne EZKits enable automotive glass installations for all applications, including high modulus and nonconductive, and structurally bonded or direct-glazed glass (windshields, backlights, quarter glass and other stationary glass), as well as attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install reveal moldings or other trim. For more information, visit: http://www.dowautomotive.com/products/betaseal/ezkit_0ne.htm.

About Dow Automotive Systems
Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of polyurethanes, elastomers, films, fluids, adhesives, emissions solutions and acoustic-management materials to the global transportation industry. By working collaboratively with passenger vehicle, commercial transportation and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive Systems is developing industry-leading solutions to address a wide range of critical market needs - increasing energy efficiency, improving safety and health, reducing exhaust emissions and enhancing vehicle quality and appeal. For additional information about Dow Automotive Systems, visit www.dowautomotive.com.

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