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A.N. Designs Introduces Interior Blade

A. N. Designs Inc. Torrington, Conn.-based manufacturer of the UltraWiz® Brand Auto Glass Cutting Blades, has introduced the Interior Cutting Blade Series, designed by a customer to simplify the removal of Dodge Ram and Dakota pickup truck back glasses.

Based on the UltraThin 5000 blade series for strength and slenderness, the Interior Blades are bent to reach and cut the urethane adhesive from the inside of the vehicle without removing most interior panels or headliners. According to the company, the short cutting length makes this blade ideal for getting under the encapsulation from the interior of the cab.

The company encourages the use of the ½-inch 5500-M as a starter blade and following with the ¾-inch 5501-M to finish cutting the urethane adhesive. The offset shape design gives a positive depth stop and is manufactured right into the blade, allowing installers to know how deep they are cutting.

The shank of the blade is angled back to allow the UltraWiz® Lever Knife or a cold knife access in tight places such as above headliners or behind quarter trim panels. A.N. Designs say the interior cutting blade works well with the new UltraThin Lever Knives but encourages installation techs to use an approved cutting fluid to assist in the ease of cutting and keep the blades sharpened.

The new blade has been used with great success on vehicles such as the Dodge Ram and Dakota backglass, Ford Taurus backglass, 2006 Mustang, Chevy Cobalt, Impala quarter glass, among others.

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