Former GlasWeld President Mike Boyle Pleads Not Guilty to Identity Theft, Unlawful Computer Use
July 18, 2011

Former GlasWeld president Mike Boyle pleaded not guilty to charges alleging that he stole his former employer's customer list and committed identity theft during a hearing this morning, according to representatives from the Deschutes County Circuit Court (Ore.).

According to the Deschutes County Circuit Court criminal records department, a status hearing in the case now is scheduled for November 3 and a trial will begin November 8. 

Boyle was indicted on the charges of unlawful use of a computer and identity theft in mid-February, and his plea hearing originally was scheduled for April 4, but has been delayed several times over the last three months.

State officials allege that Boyle "unlawfully and knowingly access[ed a] computer, computer system, computer network or any part thereof for the purpose of committing theft (customer list)" in January 2010. He also has been charged with identity theft of GlasWeld marketing manager Lori Patch.™/AGRR™ magazine spoke today with Boyle, who has vehemently denied the allegations. He had no comment.

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