Boyle Case Ends in Plea Bargain
December 7, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

The State of Oregon v. Mike Boyle case ended in a plea bargain this morning in a Deschutes courtroom. Boyle entered an Alford plea for one misdemeanor charge of identity theft.

According to Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute, an Alford plea "registers a formal claim neither of guilt nor innocence toward charges brought against a defendant in criminal court. [It] arrests the full process of criminal trial because the defendant-typically, only with the court's permission-accepts all the ramifications of a guilty verdict without first attesting to having committed the crime."

Boyle had been indicted on multiple felony counts including unlawful use of a computer and identity theft which were dropped as a result of the plea. He had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges in July 2011.

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