Collision Repair Association Opposes A.B. 1200
September 17, 2009

As California A.B. 1200 awaits the Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's review, The California Collision Repair Association (CRA) says they will ask him to veto the measure as the association's members believe it will hurt independent shops.

"AB 1200 is a misleading proposal that allows an insurer to keep the details of [direct repair programs] secret while it badgers claimants into selecting a repair shop favored by the insurer," says CRA president Lee Amaradio. "We will ask the governor to send AB 1200 back to the legislature where it needs to be re-worked into a measure that is fair to claimants, shops and insurers."

The CRA is asking its members to write letters to the governor explaining how the bill "will hurt their business[es] and their customers."

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