Carlite Warehouse Damaged by Recent Tornado "Beginning to Resume Normal Business"
March 11, 2011

A Carlite distribution center in Lebanon, Tenn., that endured "extensive damage" during a February 24 tornado is nearing a return to normal business, according to company spokesperson Della Dipietro.

"Despite the extensive damage at the Carlite Distribution Center, we have been providing automotive glass for the immediate needs of all of our customers and we now are beginning to resume normal business," says Dipietro. "This is a result of the hard work by teams at Carlite, Allen Park and the Nashville Glass Plant including support from the [United Auto Workers]. We have worked very closely with our customers and they have been extremely supportive."

A local paper had reported that "part of [the company's] inventory was buried beneath a portion of the roof that collapsed."

"I do know that a portion of the roof collapsed, but how that relates to inventory I do not know," says Dipietro, who also confirmed that no one was injured during the incident.

Carlite is Zeledyne's aftermarket auto replacement glass brand. Company officials had announced early this year that they've agreed to a sale of certain assets, including the Carlite business, to Japan-based Central Glass Co., but the sale has not yet been finalized.

"We're continuing to work toward that," advised Dipietro in an interview this afternoon. "Things are moving along."

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