Statement from Cascade Auto Glass

May 18, 2010

Cascade Auto Glass recently concluded the final piece of a long-running dispute with an insurance carrier over pricing and billing practices. Cascade originally filed a claim against the carrier for the underpayment of invoices. For quite some time, Cascade and this carrier disagreed with one another about the amounts that should be billed and paid for automobile glass replacement. After many years of litigation, Cascade and the carrier were able to amicably resolve their dispute and conclude the lawsuit that was pending in Clark County Superior Court.

During the course of the ongoing litigation, a complaint was made with the Washington Insurance Commissioner about Cascade's billing location. Although Cascade and the carrier settled the dispute outside of court, the Insurance Commissioner charged Cascade with a misdemeanor relating to the billing dispute. While we at Cascade firmly believe that we did nothing illegal, we have chosen to plead guilty to the charge in order to put this matter behind us. There is no need for either company to undergo that expense nor is there a need for the taxpayers of Washington to have their financial resources expended in a trial over these issues.

Cascade is and always has been a good corporate citizen. We have always abided by our obligations and always strived to do our best in serving our customers, employees, and those with whom we come into contact. Because we feel this issue has been resolved to our satisfaction, and because we wish to avoid the costly expense of a legal proceeding, we have accepted the charge made by the Insurance Commissioner and accepted the consequences associated with that charge.

Cascade looks forward to continuing to serve our customers in Washington in a safe, reliable and ethical manner.

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