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Celtics Take on JN Phillips as Official Windshield Replacement Company

In Boston, Celtics pride is an important item. So when JN Phillips Auto Glass signed up to be a corporate sponsor of the local NBA team, company officials knew what they were doing. In addition to serving as a sponsor, JN Phillips actually is listed as the official windshield replacement company of the team.

"The Boston Celtics have an amazing sports legacy and it means a lot to New Englanders," says Dick Weisburg of B/R Creative, the company's public relations firm. "JN Phillips associates with them because it provides positive reinforcement with the juxtaposition of the two brands."

In order to promote brand awareness and link the two, JN Phillips includes a Boston Celtics logo on all of its vans.

In addition, during Celtics games, a JN Phillips ad appears for a certain number of minutes on the scorers' tables alongside the edges of the court.

"People are obviously watching the game and seeing our phone number," he says. "It's a challenge to keep your brand awareness high and we determined that in the winter when the NBA is on and windshield replacements are up, it's a good place for us to be."

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