Indiana Auto Glass Shop Owner Convicted of Ten Felonies
August 17, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

An Indianapolis, Ind. auto glass shop owner was convicted yesterday of ten felonies related to the operation of his business. Tuan A. Chu has been the owner of a number of auto glass businesses, including a Glass Medic, Superior Auto Glass and Independent Auto Glass, which have all been run out of the same location.

Chu was charged in April of 2011 with one count of corrupt business influence, three counts of evasion of income tax, nine counts of Class D felony theft and four counts of failure to remit or collect sales tax. He was accused of failing to pay more than $268,000 in state income and sales taxes. Chu was found guilty yesterday on three counts of evasion of income tax, three counts of theft and four counts of failure to remit or collect sales tax.

The investigation into Chu began when an Indiana State Police Trooper contacted the office of the Attorney General suspecting that Chu might be vandalizing vehicles and then contacting the owners to repair the damaged vehicles. Chu was never arrested for, charged with or convicted of vandalism. However, the investigation did alert the office of the Attorney General to some of Chu's actions regarding his remittance of taxes.

Investigators say that Chu never possessed a registered retail merchant's certificate and did not file Indiana tax returns from 2005 to 2010. The state obtained receipts from customers and discovered that, in some cases, Chu did not collect or remit any sales tax for auto glass replacement. In other instances Chu overcharged customers by an additional two percent in sales tax and never remitted the sales tax to the state. Chu was also charged with a habitual offender sentence enhancement because of two prior felony convictions for auto theft and forgery.

"The Attorney General's Office is satisfied with this verdict," says Bryan Corbin, public information officer for the Office of the Indiana Attorney General. "When a merchant engages in sales tax evasion, it creates an unlevel playing field and undercuts legitimate businesspeople who pay their taxes and play by the rules. We support the efforts of our colleagues in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana State Police whose hard work and diligence allowed the State to bring this defendant to justice."

Chu will be sentenced on September 7.

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