Chubb Suspends Use of "Structural" Aftermarket Parts
February 24, 2010

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has recently suspended the use of "structural" aftermarket parts, such as bumper bars, reinforcements, bumper mounting brackets, etc. on any estimate or appraisal prepared on its behalf, according to a communication issued by the company yesterday.

"This is due to recent questions and concerns being raised surrounding the safety and integrity of some Aftermarket Parts," writes Doug Ahrenberg, national auto program manager.

The company notes that this does not preclude the use of aftermarket outer sheet metal panels, bumper covers, and assorted trim components, "provided they meet Chubb's stringent Appraisal Standards."

Chubb is one of several insurers who've made similar policy changes of late; it has been reported that both GEICO and Met Life made similar changes in recent weeks.

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