Cleer Vision Windows Acquires Tempering Operation
December 6, 2011

Cleer Vision Windows Inc., an Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer of RV  windows and other specialty vehicle products, has acquired Santelli Tempered Glass Elkhart LLC, which also is based in Elkhart.  

Santelli Tempered Glass Elkhart LLC was founded by both Cleer Vision and Joe Santelli, who also owns Santelli Tempered Glass in Monnessen, Pa. With this acquisition, Cleer Vision becomes the Elkhart plant's sole owner. The new company will operate under the name Cleer Vision Tempered Glass LLC.

“This acquisition made sense for us on many levels,” says Rick Collins, Cleer Vision president. “We plan to continue the growth that has come not only in supporting our rapidly expanding window business but also diversifying into other markets both locally and outside the area.”

Cleer Vision Windows supplies windows to the RV and specialty vehicle markets, while the new Cleer Vision Tempered Glass will supply tempered glass products to these and other markets. 

The acquisition does not include  Santelli's other company, Santelli Tempered Glass Inc. “Santelli Tempered Glass still exists and was not acquired by us,” says Collins. 

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