Charleston Police Issue Consumer Advisory about Coast to Coast Auto Glass Soliciting Door-to-Door; Advise Reps Do Not Have Required "Peddlers Permits"
June 29, 2010

Police officers in Charleston, S.C., say they have recently been receiving complaints about Coast to Coast Auto Glass soliciting door-to-door in the area, according to Sgt. Trevor Shelor.

In Charleston, those soliciting door-to-door are required to have “City of Charleston Peddlers Permits,” and these have not been issued to Coast to Coast, Shelor says.

“Officially, I can advise that these solicitors do not have the required City of Charleston Peddlers Permits—a system put in place for consumer protection including a criminal background check—required of any persons wishing to sell door-to-door,” he says.

In a warning issued to local neighborhood presidents, complex manager and crime watch block captains, Shelor advised, “A simple Google search reveals numerous articles warning consumers about this company.”

Shelor told™/AGRR magazine that he issued two warning tickets to Coast to Coast representatives last week.

“I personally wrote two warning tickets last week, unknown how many dispatched calls,” he says. “[I’m] not sure how other officers handled calls. I did get e-mail questions from several neighborhoods. It is my job to make residents suspicious of this type activity, as well as phone and other solicitations.”

Coast to Coast spokesperson Jigna Patel declined to comment.

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