Coccaro Looks to the Future as Trial Date Approaches
June 19, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

Greg Coccaro and his body shop, North State Custom, will be in court January 28, 2013. The body shop owner announced that the court has set a trial date for his case against Progressive Insurance. The announcement came following a status conference on Monday.

“At the time of this trial date, it will have been eight long years since this struggle started,” says Coccaro. “When this started I swore I would see this to the end no matter what it took. At the time I had no idea what it would entail—all the sleepless nights, business interruptions and, of course, the incredible financial burden. Some times when you experience something that is so wrong you have to make a stand no matter what the cost.”

The suit, filed by Coccaro, claims that Progressive steered away customers from the shop, and though the specific steering charge was removed from the case, several causes of action remain that involve steering allegations: tortious interference; engaging in deceptive business practices; and spreading injurious falsehoods about his business.

The Westchester Civil Supreme Court of New York previously dismissed a case filed by Progressive Insurance against Coccaro and his company alleging insurance fraud. In the case, Progressive claimed that the shop had committed insurance fraud via its charges for a vehicle of one of its insureds—alleging that the shop inflated the charges to make the car a total loss, and that both the shop and the insured received payment for the vehicle's repairs, Coccaro says.

“Eight years ago we were just a shop in the suburbs of New York City trying to do quality repairs and the right thing for our customers,” says Coccaro. “To become a household name in the industry and get receptions like the one I received in Philadelphia and at other industry events is the most humbling experience I have ever encountered.”

The case will go to trial on January 28, 2013.

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